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Decision Making is an management approach of selecting the most logical choice from the available options to create the best situation.

Decision Making is a common thought process within modern management. Every professional or manager makes hundreds of decisions in the challenging environment where he or she works.

It is an important process because he or she has to determine both organizational and managerial activities and priorities, based on their time, resources and other influential variables.

Decisions on management level are important because they often are related to business activities, organizational functioning and business goals. There have been lots of scientific and practical studies on Decision Making processes from a learning point of view.

What are the most known and used models and methods? What are their success stories and practical tips when you apply these? These posts are all about great decision making tools and can help you to achieve your goal or understand certain aspects of made decisions.

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Six Thinking Hats

This article explains the Six Thinking Hats, developed by Edward de Bono in a practical way. After reading you will understand the basics of this powerful decision making method. What are the Six Thinking Hats? Six...


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