Rick Griggs


Rick Griggs is a guru in the area of personal development and effectiveness.

He has become well-known since the publication of seven prize-winning books on subjects such as teams, balance, optimism and quality.

He is also the founder of the famous ‘out of the box’ brainstorming technique Rolestorming.

Biography Rick Griggs

He holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Psychology and French and a Master’s Degree in Business Behaviour Analysis. During his student years Griggs was already interested in personal development methods and theories.

After graduating, he held several management positions at companies such as Intel. However, he was itching to do something and this is the reason why he started his own training and development agency Griggs Achievement Training & Retreats. From that moment his agency has flourished and grew because of a number of new and innovative training courses in the area of personal development and effectiveness.

Rick Griggs has advised several large multinationals in the area of training and advice, for example Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, Stanford University, Lucent Technologies, Quaker Oats, Cisco Systems, Kaiser Permanent, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and several other large government companies. More information about his consultancy can be found on his website.

Publications and books by Rick Griggs et al.

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