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There are more marketing methods than ever before. This makes it risky because they could ruin your business states. 

Neil Patel, Online Marketing Expert at entrepreneur.com wrote an interesting article about protecting your marketing dollar and avoid squandering your pennies into dead-end methods.


He states that marketing is a fun and risky ride. There’s nothing quite like finding that sweet spot that starts delivering a steady torrent of visitors.

It can take you a while to find it or to build it. In the meantime, keep testing, keep exploring, but keep protecting your business. Keep an open mind, but protect what truly matters.

This is a short summary of his tips about engaging the potentially awesome techniques of modern marketing, but avoiding the attendant risks.

Keep your goals front and center

Every good business has goals. Goals keep a business on track. The goals of worthy businesses are specific, measurable, attainable and timely and change often: yearly, quarterly and strategically. Your goals are important. Don’t sacrifice them and play it safe.

Do more marketing hacking than spending

Growth hacking is wishful but often misunderstood. Growth hacking costs money but it just doesn’t have to cost much. Approach this in a simple way like a small business.

It start with a question: “How much does it cost?” If it’s expensive, then avoid it, postpone it or make sure there is zero risk. If it’s free or costs very little, then give it a try.

Hire someone who is budget-conscious and ruthless

One of the most important people in businesses is a marketing professional. Hire one for the right reasons with a  proven track record of growing businesses.

Next to that, two qualities are essential to make it a success: Budget-consciousness (strategic) and ruthlessness.

Make your customers your evangelists

Let customers be your evangelists because they will be more successful at marketing than you can ever dream of being.

If you want to test growth hacking methods, form a group of satified customers and compensate (i.e. free premium version) them for their support.

Publish content

Content marketing is one of the most effective means of growing a business in the modern information age.

In order to succeed at it, you have to work harder, publish better and get more strategic. Eventually you have to have a long breath to achieve measurable success.

To enhance the power of content marketing, build an email list and harnessing the power of email marketing to enhance your published content. Content marketing can also include videos, infographics, LinkedIn publishing, white papers, ebooks, etc.

Promote your personal brand

Businesses may fail, but you as an individual are going to stick around. You’re going to start more businesses. You can use your personal brand to grow your business, and your new business can help to grow your personal brand. If your business fails, you’ll have your personal brand to fall back on.

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