Five important marketing skills for 2015

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Over the years marketing skills evolved in many ways. Mobile technology like smart phones, tables, etc. has become more and more important to meet our target audience, visitors and customers.

The needed marketing skills to achieve the want results in these times are essential for companies to survive and grow.

The ashdowngroup did a study and presented a forecast of expectations on marketing skills for the year 2015.

These are their five key findings:

1. Social media

More and more companies are trying to break into the market using effective social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more. Strong social media presence is a key focus point, i.e. set up exceptional social media campaigns to retain existing customers and attract new customers.

2. Web development

Web development is a marketing skill on it’s own. Websites need changes every day like promotions to meet the demands of the visitors.

This means that marketing employees need also web skills like HTML, PHP or C++to quickly do website changes that positively effect web business opportunities.

3. Content writing

Content writing is nowadays still important. Well-written copy is still one of the best qualities a marketing campaign can have and it affects Google ranking (positive influence).

4. Search engine optimisation (SEO)

This is a crucial marketing skill regarding the presence of a business company online.

Many large companies have in-house SEO experts, this is and extra attention point for all-round marketeers in middle and small companies because fast developing technology.

Having knowledge of SEO helps marketing executives to influence improving business reach.

5. Graphic design

Having knowledge of creating projects beside a knack for coming up with great branding ideas, can benefit employees.

When they understand logo and poster development, executives can easer identify good and bad design ideas.

This means less time on bad projects and more time to make a positive business difference.

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