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CNN Money posted an inspiring story of Shu-Ling Garver, who was in her younger ages a streetchild in China and became first an engineer at Intel and now is a tech kids teaching entrepreneur.

Shu-Ling Garver, age 52, was once a homeless child in Shanghai and went on a mission to develop herself in engineering. Her main goal was to get kids excited about engineering. She realized this dream and ambition!

At this moment Shu-Ling Garver is now 25 years at Intel and her last position was senior technical adviser.

According to Shu-Ling Garver, there are very few women at the higher levels.

Eager to change that trend, Shu-Ling Garver joined the Women at Intel (WIN) Network five years ago as a mentor.

She helped hiring and guiding some of these women. Intel supported her ambition and is working to increase the number of women in senior technical positions from 10% of its workforce to 17% by 2020.

In her younger years her family became homeless. Her father was a college graduate and an intellectual who was put in a labor camp to dig tunnels.

Shu-Ling Garver : “Our family subsequently lost our and we set up beds on a street corner for a few weeks.” After her father returned, he made it a point to teach her English.

This led to Shu-Ling Garver’s pursue to get an undergraduate degree in English Literature.

After that she started to work as a translator at a technical institute in Shanghai. Eventually she moved in 1986to Portland and enrolled in a master’s program in computer science and engineering at Portland State University.

After graduating, Shu-Ling Garver was immediately hired at Intel.

Coming month Shu-Ling Garver is retiring from Intel and wants to continue her own business by running engineering and science programs for local schools.

Shu-ling Garver states this isn’t work for her. She’s planting seeds and acting as a role model, based on her personal experience. She wants to inspire young girls to become engineers.

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