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Philippa Goodrich of the BBC News posted a great article about the 21st Century stream of people who work at the top of companies. This article highlights some key findings!


Goodrich states a familiar stereotype: the part-time worker (usually a woman) who has compromised on career and salary to bring up children.

Now, a half into the 21st Century, there are signs of a work pattern emerging that fits neither stereotype.

And it isn’t only for the benefit of frustrated working mothers.

She says this development is being forged by men and women who, for whatever reason – whether it’s children, elderly parents, or the pursuit of that elusive thing called work-life balance, don’t want to work full-time, but are determined to do more than just “keep their hand in”.

Powerlist part-time executives

Karen Mattison got tired of being told by businesses that part-time working was only possible in more junior roles but not in any more senior role that involved managing a team or dealing with clients.

She looked at government figures for 2012 and found there were 650,000 people in the higher tax bracket working part-time.

She sought out and interviewed 300 of them.

In November 2012 Mattison launched the first part-time power list in order to address this lack of fanfare around senior part-time roles and to encourage employers to be more open about the opportunities for it.

Here are some highlights / tips of successful people who reached it to part-time top executive:

Workload management

Create clear expectations on the reduced time (what the days are and working on non-working days) and adapt this as the situation requires. Make smart use of the 24/7 culture and customer base en start thinking about flexibility.

Rethink working hours

The old generation was work full-time, stay forever, add skills and get promoted.

Study (Manpower Group Talent Shortage Survey 2013) showed that 35% of employers on average were having difficulty filling jobs.

It too made much of the “A” word, stressing the need for employer agility (the new buzzword for flexibility) in uncertain economic times.

At number four in its “Ten Quick Ways to boost Agility”, it advised companies: “Be Flexible: Contract, interns, part-timers, virtual workers are increasingly the norm.

“Measuring output is much more important than input, it’s all about adding value” states Avril Martindale, a part-time partner (60%) at a law firm.

Gradual change

Confidence is a key factor, living in the old economy and seeing a shift of focus and attitudes.

It’s all about expectations (due to hard work) and the right focus on work-life balance and mental health.

Andrew Whittaker, part-time model at Lloyds Banking Group, states it’s the beginning of a new tomorrow even if we look back a number of years ago.

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