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The Costa Rica Star posted a nice news article about simple productivity tips for organizing work life.


Marcel Evans, author of the article, states that productivity is very important in this contemporary age of hectic work schedules.

According to Marcel, time management is the most important and most talked about aspect of increasing productivity.

His tips can help an individual to maintain healthy balance between professional life and personal life.

1. Start the Day with Structured Time

Scheduling bigger tasks and deleting unimportant tasks is the well known simple step for organizing work life.

2. Use Travel Time to Complete Coordination Tasks

Utilizing commuting time for completing coordination tasks is an innovative productivity concept.

3. Reduce Meeting Times by 25 Percent

If one hour meeting is cut down to forty five minutes, then it will be possible to gain twenty five hours of work per month.

4. Take Regular Breaks during Work Time

Taking regular short breaks will definitely increase productivity and keep a professional organized.

5. Work Off-site during Appropriate Occasions

The workspace is often cited as an important element for increasing work productivity. Working from home has a few advantages like reduced commute time, shorter lunch times and few sick days.

6. Consolidate Number of Resources We Need to Go for Info

It is necessary to make notifications from each application appear consolidated in one place.

7. Switch Off Pop-up Notifications on Mobile and Desktop

Annoying pop-up messages will interrupt concentration of working professionals and we should keep them shut off.

8. Converse Instead of Emailing

According to new age management gurus, directly talking to colleagues is far better than sending numerous emails. Person-to-person communication will give precise directions and it will clear up misunderstandings very quickly.

9. Break Big Tasks into Smaller Ones

With information technology, we can break-up voluminous tasks into shorter ones.

10. Use Check-lists for Repetitive Tasks

If an employee is reeling under time constraints, check-lists will keep them on track.

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