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Sean Coughlan of the BBC News posted a great nice about Stanford University who is for turning hi-tech ideas into huge businesses, is going to start teaching in London from the autumn.


He states that the Californian university, where Google began as a Ph.D. project, is going to offer its “Stanford Ignite” entrepreneurship course in London for the first time from September.

There is a trend happening at this moment that Universities around the world have been experimenting in ways to teach students beyond their own campuses.

Examples are providing courses online, in the wave of massive open online courses or mini-versions of the parent institutions in other countries, and more.

Stanford University goes a step further and takes the course and the staff on a global tour to find new audiences.

University unplugged

Sean Coughlan states that when the London course begins in the autumn, it will become the first European city to join this network, with New York, Bangalore and Beijing already part of this academic roadshow.

In some kind of way the Stanford University has become associated with starting up high technology companies and this is a quietly radical experiment.

The location where Stanford is going to operate this project is a borrowed office block in Canary Wharf in London’s Docklands.

On the road

Bethany Coates, the assistant dean of Stanford University who is in charge of the project, says taking the course around the world has shown that a university’s distinctive identity can be separated from its bricks and mortar.

She states that they could replicate the Stanford culture and Stanford approach in a room in an office block that doesn’t belong to them. This has much larger implications for higher education.

Digital launchpad

Bethany Coates also states that the Stanford’s business school decided to “export” the course to students who could not have travelled to California. Students will receive a certificate for the three-month course.

Nick Hillman, director of the Higher Education Policy Institute, says that despite the enthusiasm for branch campuses and online courses, universities have so far struggled to globalise. It’s much harder than people think he says and this project could offer a new and more affordable model.

This maybe be the next phase of internationalisation for Universities besides the already developing Moocs and other initiatives.

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