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Strategic management - ToolsHero

Combining strategic and operational management

Greg Weismantel, contributor of Accountingtoday.com, posted an nice and critical article about the importance of combining strategic and operational management. Greg states that the importance of implementing a formal three-year strategic plan is often lost...
leadership - ToolsHero

Six Leadership tips for overcoming fear

Chris Cancialosi, contributor of Forbes.com, posted an article about six authentic leadership tips for overcoming your fears. He teamed up with peers, to deeply examine this topic: authentic leadership. Introduction He starts with a direct question...
supplier risk management - ToolsHero

Three important parts of Supplier Risk Management

Kelly Barner of Designnews.com, posted an article about three important parts of supplier risk management. Introduction risk management She states that Design engineers continually find themselves collaborating with sourcing or procurement colleagues as part of the...
Accenture - ToolsHero

Triple supply chain advantage

Accenture posted a article with interesting highlights of a new report from the World Economic Forum, written with their collaboration. The new report from the World Economic Forum identifies 31 proven practices to help companies...
Business course - ToolsHero

Special entrepreneur course comes to London

Sean Coughlan of the BBC News posted a great nice about Stanford University who is for turning hi-tech ideas into huge businesses, is going to start teaching in London from the autumn. Introduction He states that...
Part time executive - ToolsHero

Part-time top executive is possible

Philippa Goodrich of the BBC News posted a great article about the 21st Century stream of people who work at the top of companies. This article highlights some key findings! Introduction Goodrich states a familiar stereotype:...
Business women as entrepreneurs in India - ToolsHero

Almost half of India’s entrepreneurs are women

Ananya Dutta of the Indiatimes.com posted a nice article about study results of the entrepreneurship in India. One of the key findings was that almost half of India's entrepreneurs (49%) are women! Results Survey The survey...
Teaching kids computers - ToolsHero

From street child to Tech teaching Entrepreneur

CNN Money posted an inspiring story of Shu-Ling Garver, who was in her younger ages a streetchild in China and became first an engineer at Intel and now is a tech kids teaching entrepreneur. Shu-Ling...
Personal productivity - ToolsHero

Simple personal productivity tips

The Costa Rica Star posted a nice news article about simple productivity tips for organizing work life. Introduction Marcel Evans, author of the article, states that productivity is very important in this contemporary age of hectic...
AT Kearney - ToolsHero

Full potential of ASEAN E-commerce market

ATKearney posted a nice news article about the full potential of ASEAN (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam) E-Commerce Market. Introduction According to the study Lifting the Barriers to E-Commerce in ASEAN, the online...
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