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Infographics are graphic visual representations of information data and/ or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.

The great advantage of an infographic is that an image or chart sometimes says more than a thousand words. Next to that, it's also a great and effective tool to explain simply content in an appealing way and it's stimulates engagement and sharing via social media channels.

Infographics on various topics can be found on the Internet. These days also management infographics are being developed to make management content more accessible and share research in a practical way. They are used by all levels of management for high-level views of data.

Lots of interesting management infographic content are shared on the Internet and we made a selection of them that we want to share with you from a learning point of view.

These posts are all about great management infographic content that we think you might be interested in.

how to deliver bad news infographic intro

How to deliver bad news

Have you ever been so stressed about delivering bad news that you felt sick? This is not uncommon, as delivering bad news is so unpleasant that it can raise blood pressure, cause headaches, and...
Intro 8 types of toxic managers inforgraphic

8 Types of toxic managers

Managers come in all forms which could harm a positive work environment. This infographic describes 8 different kinds of toxic managers. This infographic was created by Reuben Yonatan from GetVoIP. There is a good chance...
Intro how to win any argument infographic on ToolsHero

How to win any argument

This infographic gives some practical tips on how you can win any argument. This infographic was created by Skye Gould from Business Insider. Conversations are not always that easy. Haven’t we all experienced a conversation...
Intro sleep tips to get more productive inforgraphic

Sleep tips to get more productive

This infographic provides 18 science-backed sleep tips to make you more productive. It was created by Reuben Yonatan from GetVoIP. Insomnia is a real problem in America. Aside from zapping your productivity and energy, lack...
how to choose a business partner

Choosing a business partner

This flowchart will help you figure out the best type of business partner for your start-up. It was created by The Business Backer. Entrepreneurs might be likely to rush into a relationship based on a...
productivity and motivation tips infographic

Expert productivity, motivation & mindset tips

This infographic showcases tips and advice from productivity and well-being experts within business to help readers improve their mindset and efficiency. This guide has been put together by WD Storage. Current workplace productivity growth is...
The perfect logo design - Infographic - Toolshero

Simple branding tips for logo design

This short visual summary is about the importance of logo design. It's created by Vladimir Gendelman from Company Folders. Creating a strong brand starts with a strong logo. But you'll quickly discover that logos are...
What is your leadership style - leadership infographic - ToolsHero

What is your leadership style?

This leadership infographic is all about which leadership style you can apply in practice. It's a short visual summary, created by Barbara Davidson from Headway Capital. Being an entrepreneur or manager is challenging in today's...
Easy ways to motivate employees - ToolsHero

Easy ways to motivate your employees

This infographic is about easy ways to motivate your employees. It's a short visual summary, created by Vladimir Gendelman from companyfolders.com. Employee engagement is a touchy topic in today's workforce. Employers accuse their workers of...
How to keep talent motivated - management infographic | ToolsHero

How to keep talent motivated

This infographic is about how to keep talent motivated. It's a short visual summary, created by Vladimir Gendelman from companyfolders.com. Talent in your company or business is very valuable. To keep talent motivated and satisfied,...


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