10 Rules For A Great Start-up Idea

Starting a new business idea is trendy. But there are many possibilities for a start-up to fail. This infographic provides 10 rules for a great start-up idea.

This infographic was published by the Founder Institute and it’s content was created based on an interview with it’s CEO, Adeo Ressi.

Running a business requires focus on many different aspects.

Use this infographic as a check-list to make sure you are fully prepared for starting your business.

If you have already started a business you can use this check-list to reinforce its foundations.

If you can’t check one (or more) of the boxes this could be an indication that more research is required or adjustments have to be made.

Don’t be afraid to share your idea with the people surrounding you. Instead, use these people to get feedback and further improve your business. After all, you might even find new business partners.

Great start-up Idea infographic highlights:

  • It’s not just business. You need to feel passion for your product or service.
  • Don’t make it too complicated. A new product or service should be simple and, for instance, easy to pitch.
  • Beginning a new business requires focus on many aspects.
  • And more…

Would you like to read more about the research on the 10 rules for a great start-up idea? Scroll down on this page of Founder Institute and study the article.

infographic 10 rules for a great start-up idea - ToolsHero

This infographic has been published by the Founder Institute.

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