8 Types of toxic managers

Managers come in all forms which could harm a positive work environment. This infographic describes 8 different kinds of toxic managers. This infographic was created by Reuben Yonatan from GetVoIP.

There is a good chance you ever had to deal with one of these managers. Handling conversations with these kinds of managers can be tough, especially when the manager is not so friendly or, for example, chaotic in behaviour.

To make it easier for you, each description of the different types of toxic managers includes specific tips on what strategy you could apply to handle these managers.

Use this infographic to improve your communication skills with different kinds of managers or on how not to become one of these managers.

Toxic managers infographic highlights:

  • The first step is to understand the manager his or her motives before you make up your strategy.
  • Standing up to your manager not only benefits you, but also your coworkers and the company as a whole.
  • Besides the specific strategies for the toxic managers there are also general strategies for dealing with managers.
  • And more…

Would you like to read more about the research on toxic managers? Scroll down on this page and study their “8 Types of toxic managers” infographic.

Infographic 8 types of toxic managers

This infographic has been published by GetVoIP.

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