The benefits of handwriting

This productivity infographic explains the benefits of handwriting. It was created by GetVoIP.

There is no doubt that innovations in technology have made our lives easier and better. But as technology becomes more and more ingrained in our daily lives, are we losing some of the important skills we had before these innovations?

Interestingly, research indicates yes, and one of these skills is handwriting.

From laptops to mobile devices, most of our communication these days is done digitally. These tools make things like note taking more convenient, but we’re also losing valuable benefits of writing notes by hand.

Studies show that because handwriting requires more focus than typing, you’re able to better learn and recall new information. Taking notes by hand also gives you a chance to get off your computer and get away from the Internet, limiting distractions and interruptions.

The benefits of handwriting infographic highlights:

  • How handwriting improves critical thinking skills.
  • Evidence that writing by hand inspires creativity.
  • How writing down goals helps you achieve more.
  • And more…

To learn more about the benefits of handwriting, scroll down on the page of GetVoIP and study the article.

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This infographic has been published by GetVoIP.

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