Climbing the business ladder

This infographic is about how to climb the business ladder as a professional. It’s a short visual summary and created by Diane Fenning from the San Francisco State University.

Cynics might describe corporate politics as bloodsport, but they’re forgetting that old adage of efficiency: “Work smarter, not harder.” Although some executives have undoubtedly clawed their way to the top through sheer force and ruthless cunning, that’s liable to win you more enemies than allies, making your ascent all the more difficult.

For those of us lacking the taste for blood, a more Zen approach may be fitting, catching the prevailing winds to sail to the crest – and one of the best ways to do that is through higher education.

To illustrate this point, Diane Fenning and her team examine four different roads to the top, where they start and where they end.

These are some highlights of this “climbing the business ladder” infographic:

  • There is a difference in levels to step in a job, based on your education
  • There are certain etiquettes per level
  • And more…

Would you like to read more about climbing the business ladder? Scroll down on this page and study the infographic.

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