How to deliver bad news

Have you ever been so stressed about delivering bad news that you felt sick? This is not uncommon, as delivering bad news is so unpleasant that it can raise blood pressure, cause headaches, and more.

Though there is no easy way to deliver bad news, there is a right way.

To teach you to tactfully deliver good news, GetVoIP created this infographic on the the five w’s of delivering bad news.

The five w’s stand for who, what, when, where, and why, which are all important factors to consider.

Being mindful to these things and sensitive to the person you’re delivering the news to, if sure to make the situation go more smoothly.

And if in doubt, remember the S.P.I.K.E.S. method. This is the strategy that medical professionals use. It stands for setting up, perception, invitation, knowledge, emotions, and strategy.

The idea is to make sure the person understands the information before breaking the news, and making sure to discuss strategy and next steps.

Delivering Bad News infographic highlights:

  • A manager should give the news to their reports instead of passing that responsibility to someone who isn’t very involved in the recipient’s work
  • Use clear language that doesn’t leave room for interpretation and explain how the decision was reached
  • Give the news in private and in person

Would you like to read more about the research on delivering bad news? Scroll down on this page and study their “delivering bad news” infographic.

This infographic has been published by GetVoIP.

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