Effective communication

This infographic is about elevating communication to effective communication between colleagues. It’s a visual and short textual summary by Center of Management and Organization Effectiveness (CMOE).

Communication is imperative for sound business operations, regardless of whether those conversations happen in person, by phone, through email, or from afar via virtual teams.

And the need is not necessarily for more communication, but more effective communication.

These are some highlights of their study

  • Efficiency – 34% of the participants say that lack of efficiency is caused by not excelling internal communication which leads to negative impact on productivity.
  • Effectiveness – 30% of the participants say that they do not have all the needed information to do their jobs.
  • Personal relationships – email is a dominant factor to communicate to senior management, one third of the respondents have one-on-one meetings with their leaders, and more…
  • Idea sharing – less than 10% of the respondents indicated that they think their co-workers are aware of the entire range of their skills.
  • And more…

Would you like to read more about the research of Center of Management and Organization Effectiveness (CMOE)? Scroll down on this page and study their “Effective communication” infographic.

Elevate communication / Effective communication

This “Effective communication” infographic has been designed by Center of Management and Organization Effectiveness (CMOE), source: http://www.cmoe.com/infographics/elevate_communication_between_your_colleagues.jpg

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