Emotional Intelligence: How emotionally intelligent are you?

This infographic explains emotional intelligence and provides practical tips on how to understand and manage emotions. It was created by Jennifer Gueringer from NetCredit.

Emotional intelligence is a cornerstone of any successful career. Without an understanding of how to perceive, manage, and utilize your own feelings and the emotions of those around you, your ability to thrive in group situations or when working alone is severely compromised.

If you find it difficult to face up to heavy workloads and responsibilities, you don’t get why colleagues act the way they do, or you find yourself lashing out when things aren’t going your way, it’s likely your emotional intelligence could do with a bit of a tune-up. So, where to start?

Well, it’s best to begin with your own emotional life in order to help you to develop empathy for the way that others feel. If you find yourself trying to think through a problem at work and it’s not going well, instead of forcing yourself onwards try to stop and identify the pattern of thought that is frustrating you. If your inability to solve the problem is eroding your self-confidence, it’s time to take out a pen and paper and sketch out a new approach.

It can also be useful to regroup with yourself from time to time throughout the workday.

Think about moments when you had negative emotions, and try to trace back the reasons for these emotions – not just the obvious external factors in the workplace, but how stuff at home may be praying on your mind. This can help you to understand your emotional mechanisms and to pre-empt the resurgence of those negative emotions.

Now you are ideally positioned to start using empathy with others. While you should never make assumptions about why people act the way they do, observing a troubled colleague or someone with whom you have a problem can help you to identify possible reasons.

From here, it’s easier to continue a tolerant, understanding dialogue rather than to get caught up in comments and reactions you might regret later. This new guide to emotional intelligence is a great way to assess your own levels, and to improve your quality of self-knowledge, perception, and control.

Emotional intelligence infographic highlights:

  • Analyse yourself and see how you can improve yourself
  • Identify emotional triggers and reinterpret it
  • Set time aside for introspection
  • And more..

For more information about emotionally intelligence and the sources of this infographic, visit NetCredit.

infographic emotional intelligence how emotionally intelligent are you

This infographic was created by Jennifer Gueringer from NetCredit.

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