Expert productivity, motivation & mindset tips

This infographic showcases tips and advice from productivity and well-being experts within business to help readers improve their mindset and efficiency. This guide has been put together by WD Storage.

Current workplace productivity growth is at a low – a 250 year low. We’d all like to increase our efficiency; getting more done in the same amount of time, if not less time. But how can we do this?

It all starts with ourselves and our attitudes and mindsets. A happy, satisfied workforce can help grow a business exponentially, therefore ensuring that your mindset and efficiency are improving can be pivotal to the future of your organisation, and your own individual progression within a company.

Expert productivity infographic highlights:

  • Although advances in tech are useful for businesses, they are leading to increased procrastination;
  • We’re most productive in the morning; save ‘easy’ tasks such as checking emails for the afternoon;
  • Happy employees are 12% more productive;
  • Continuous learning and development are key for employee satisfaction and improved mindset

infographic productivity motivation mindset tips

This infographic has been published by WD Storage, source:

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