How to motivate 6 types of employees

This infographic is about 6 types of employees and how to motivate them. It’s a short visual summary and created by Jennifer Gueringer.

Managing a team of employees can be challenging, and it becomes even harder when your workforce is diverse. Different people respond differently to motivational methods and – if you want to successfully encourage all of your staff – you will need to learn what motivates different personality types and why.

Isabel Briggs Myers identified 16 personality types, with the help of psychologist Carl Jung’s theories, based on the preferences of different individuals. By identifying their main personality traits, you’ll find it easier to identify their individual needs.

Hopefully this infographic gives you new insights on how to manage certain employee types.

These are some highlights of this infographic:

  • There is more than money
  • The Myers-Briggs personality Types Indicators (MBTI) can help you understand certain behavior development
  • The motivation tips on certain personality types
  • And more…

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