Top 10 key elements of a high performance culture

This management infographic describes how to create a high performance culture. It was created by Torben Rick.

Many times the managers are responsible to realize the goals of an organization. Often they are under great pressure to deliver outstanding performances due to many different reasons.

It is most important to set the right organizational culture in order to maximize performances. But how do you create a high performance culture?

Set goals and clearly define what winning looks like. Involve all the departments of an organization in this process.

By taking a closer look at the complete organization you find out how different departments can increase each other’s performances or what you might have to change in order to achieve this.

Now you are creating the big picture. Make sure to involve employees in this process.

Don’t we all want to be part of something amazing? Innovating and performing on a high level can get employees excited. Happy and involved employees will have a positive effect on their personal performances.

Be transparent about where the organization stands and what the developments are. This can be achieved by, for instance, sharing numbers with employees.

Again, employees are better motivated and thus perform better when they feel connected to the organization. Strong internal communication is key to achieve this.

At the end, celebrate milestones with the team!

Tip: Take a look at our article on High Performance Organization. This article describes a powerful framework to help you decide what to do to improve organizational performance.

This High Performance Culture infographic highlights:

  • Set realistic goals and define what winning looks like
  • Show employee engagement by involving them in different processes and decisions
  • Create transparency within the company and celebrate wins

For more information on how to create the perfect high performance culture, study the article published by Torben Rick.

toolshero infographic create high performance culture

This infographic was created by Torben Rick.

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