What it means to be Lean Six Sigma

There is a lot a company can do to become Lean Six Sigma. This quality management infographic describes some of the important Lean methods. It was created by Jabil.

The purpose of LEAN Manufacturing is to deliver value to the customer by removing waste, minimizing inventories and optimizing processes.

Creating a LEAN company culture is something to begin with. The 5S system improves different processes which are needed to improve the productivity.

Six Sigma refers to a process in which the production is 99.99966% defect free.

Visit the work floor to observe and experience the different processes within the company. These so called ‘Gemba Walks’ helps to see what works best and what needs to be changed. Read more on Gemba Kaizen.

Lean thinking has many important benefits such as the reduction in accident rates and inventory. More benefits are described in the in the infographic.

You can achieve certain achievement belts based on your Lean experience level.

Lean Six Sigma infographic highlights:

  • Different Lean methods can be applied
  • Combine methods to maximize the benefits
  • Lean methods can be applied to many different departments
  • And more…

Would you like to read more about what it means to be Lean Six Sigma? Scroll down on the page of Jabil and study the article.

what it means to be lean six sigma infographic

This infographic has been published by Jabil.

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