Motivating different generations of employee

This infographic is about motivating different generations of employee. It’s a short visual summary and created by SilverDoor.

Most companies and organizations have different generations of employee.

Managing these different generations can be a challenge. What can help is to get a clear view on the different types of generations, their background and understanding and of course their believe system.

This infographic can help you on giving that inside which can help you choose the right approach on motivation.

These are some highlights of this motivating infographic:

  • Their are four major types of generations.
  • Respect and benefits are important motivation influencers
  • Music and movies are indicators on the cultural background
  • And more…

Would you like to read more about motivating different generations of employee? Scroll down on this page and study the infographic.

Motivating different generations employees

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  1. This is a great infographic. I just don’t agree with the early 80s babies being grouped with millennials. We didn’t grow up with cell phones or social media. Those things didn’t boom until we were in early college years or seniors in high school.

  2. Nice graphic. I know that it is difficult to pin down large groups of people into these categories. I am a late gen-x-er, I wouldn’t go far as to say watergate had a big impact on those of us born in the 70s. Political perspective wise I would say the Berlin Wall was a much larger impact, or the end of the Cold War. Good use of color and shape though. Thanks 🙂

  3. Very nice design, but… I from the generation Z and One direction, just no… But if you want some advice for me (who born in 2000 in France) the thing who motivate us is to act for something, the knowledge of why we work and why us can improve the world in general. I think we are also the generation who take the more retreat about the whole world. Like pollution, ocean dying, hot temperature and anything else(because we are impacted directly). And like you wrote, we are the generation who have the biggest impact of how we work but not only this, also I think we going to have the biggest impact of the world and how to improve him. That’s my opinion and my mind thinking. Sorry for my little bad English, Alexandre


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