A personal online brand

This infographic is about how to build a personal online brand. It’s a short visual summary and created by Jennifer Gueringer from Headway Capital.

Regarding today’s job market, is the traditional curriculum vitae passée. As a young management starting professional you need to do more than that.

For instance your social media channels need to be up-to-date in example LinkedIn and Facebook.

Future employees check and scan these at the time of applying to a job or in their preparation of a job interview.

Your online image of personal brand is becoming so important these days. So check out these tips and let them inspire you to update your social media profiles and personal strategy.

These are some highlights of this “building a personal online brand” infographic:

  • It starts with identifying yourself (mission, vision and core values);
  • Tips on how to set up and develop your personal story;
  • And more…

Would you like to read more about climbing the business ladder? Scroll down on this page and study the infographic.

Build a personal online brand - ToolsHero

This infographic has been published by Headway Capital, source: https://www.headwaycapital.com/blog/build-personal-brand-online/

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