How to prioritize your inbox

This infographic describes how you can prioritize your email inbox. It was created by Jennifer Gueringer from NetCredit.

Email may not be the sexiest of modern digital developments, but over the past three-quarters of a century it has quietly revolutionized the way that we work and communicate around the world.

While the big providers continue to innovate and add new features, it is undeniable that the basic email package – sending a letter and copies of documents anywhere in the world in an instant – has changed the very way we see things.

However, in the history of tools and utilities, twenty-five years is not a very long time – and many of us still struggle to make sophisticated use of our email, instead becoming enslaved to our inboxes.

It is useful to take a moment from time to time to remember that email is supposed to make life easier – and to think about the ways you can ensure this is so.

If your unread messages are in two or three figures and you struggle to find emails that you need at short notice, you have a problem with your inbox. It can help you to clear your mind and get on track by setting aside a couple of hours to deal with it.

Click through each email starting from the top, deleting those you don’t need, unsubscribing from promos that you don’t read, actioning emails that can be dealt with in less than two minutes, and shifting important but dealt-with emails into an archive folder.

What you’re left with are the emails that need dealing an action taken, but which can’t be dealt with at once: these, likewise, should be shifted to a new folder or folders to which you can return at the appropriate moment.

Now your inbox is clear and you will find it much easier to deal with your daily correspondence. But to continue this new regime, you need to get some good email habits in place – and this new infographic from NetCredit will explain step-by-step just how to do so.

How to prioritize your inbox infographic highlights

  • A full inbox is stressful and is inefficient
  • It begins with decluttering your inbox
  • Set-up a routine to keep your inbox clean
  • And more..

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ToolsHero infographic how to prioritize your inbox

This infographic was created by Jennifer Gueringer from NetCredit.

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