Rules for conflict management

This infographic is about the 9 rules for conflict management. It’s a visual and short textual summary by the Abilene Christian University about the steps a leader can take to keep workplace conflict at bay.

It addresses effective methods for handling disagreements, best communication practices and other interesting figures and facts.

Some important results of their study

  • Recognize that conflict will happen. 85% of the employees have to deal with conflict of some degree.
  • Don’t wait for the explosion. Deal with it before it escalates and effects happiness and productivity.
  • Know your issue. 10% of the employees say that conflicts lead to project failure.
  • Foster flexibility and compromise. Find the win-win situation!
  • Keep it professional and not personal. Use polite, business-like language and an objective viewpoint.
  • and more…

Would you like to read more about the research of the Abilene Christian University? Scroll down on this page and study their “Rules for conflict management” infographic.

Conflict management at work - ToolsHero

This “Inspiring Leadership” infographic has been designed by Abilene Christian University, source:

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