The best times to post on social media

This social media infographic explains the best times to post on social media. It was created by Neil Patel from Quick Sprout.

Many companies use social media as a platform to communicate news and updates, to connect with customers and several other reasons.

But when should you share your content on the different social media platforms? The right moment when content should be shared depends on different factors.

To start with, each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses.

For instance, while it’s best to use Facebook on Thursdays and Fridays, for LinkedIn the best days to share content are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Pinterest on the other hand is more popular in the weekends.

Time (as in the specific moment on a day) is also an important factor.

Posting on the right moment can result in targeting your audience with fresh content just on the moment when they’re online.

This could be during common travel times while people are on their way to work or home or during lunch breaks.

Think of the purpose of sharing specific content. What do you want to achieve?

If you want to sell something you have to be sure that your customers have enough time to visit a store, a website or to contact your sales department.

For instance, a bad move would be to send out a B2B Tweet on Friday afternoon, just before the weekend begins.

On the other hand, sending out a fashion store discount code on a Friday afternoon would be smart move as customers could have spare time to shop in the upcoming weekend.

Some platforms offer statistic insights in which you can see the activity of your fans and the popularity of your social media page. Use these data insights.

Use this infographic to set up or adjust your social media strategy. Also, take a look at our social media theories and methods which may help you with your social media campaigns.

Highlights of this Social Media infographic:

  • Each social media platform has its specific activity peaks.
  • Make use of the various tools to find the optimal post times.
  • And more..

For more information about the best times to post on social media, study the article published by Quick Sprout.

infographic - best times to post on social media - ToolsHero

This infographic was created by Neil Patel from Quick Sprout.

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