Straightforward tips on how to win arguments

This communication infographic provides a full roadmap on how to win arguments in the workplace. It was created by SavingSpot.

Winning an argument is not about being the loudest voice – and indeed, an aggressive approach can cause your opponent to harden their stance.

Instead, it makes more sense to develop a dialogue in which your opponent learns to listen and to trust you. This can be achieved through demonstrating your own will to listen, as well as by using proven body language and discussion techniques.

Whether you’re arguing over a highly sensitive issue, or high passions mask a deeper disharmony in your working relationship, staying calm and open can help guide things towards a satisfactory result for everyone.

Perhaps that means winning your argument or perhaps it means finding a profitable compromise, but either way you are more likely to find a winning outcome if you know what you’re doing.

Are you ready to prove your point?

Scientific techniques to win arguments infographic highlights:

  • Ask your opponent for their side of the story – this proves you’re listening, and can also expose flaws in their logic.
  • Research your own case thoroughly, and keep some watertight evidence on-hand.
  • Don’t forget your physiology. Everything from the way you stand to the loudness of your voice can affect the impact of your argument.

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