How to figure out what type of boss you have

This management infographic describes the how you can figure out what type of boss you have. It was created by Jennifer G. from QuickCorner.

You may never fully understand your boss. Whether she’s cranky, distant, or just speaks in quasi-mystical aphorisms, she is all the same a character of her own, defined by her training, experience, and successes to date.

But if you want to make the most of your present role, you will certainly benefit from trying to understand her the best you can: and while no-one can tell you all her cheats and weak-spots, if you can at least figure out her goals and priorities then you’ve got a good shot of building a strong working relationship.

Fortunately, as eccentric as they may be, most bosses can be broadly categorized within one of six or so main types. Find out which type of boss you’ve landed, and anything else you can figure out about what drives her or how she will respond to one suggestion or another is just a bonus!

For example, if she’s the type who likes to closely watch how you work and to offer motivation and advice, lucky you – you’ve found a gem. Of course, you might find this one, the ‘coaching’-type, a little full-on when you’re confident that you know what you’re doing and you just want to be allowed to succeed by yourself.

But remain open to constructive criticism, share your own thoughts and ideas on workflow and targets, and you can turn this relationship into a mutually beneficial arrangement in which you both flourish and business booms.

Other breeds of boss include the visionary, affiliative, democratic, commanding, and pacesetting types – any of these sound familiar? Well, rather than struggling to figure it out for yourself, try using this excellent new tool from QuickQuid to identify just who it is you’re working for. With a little bit of empathy and adaptability, it can be the beginning of a whole new understanding at work.

Type of boss infographic highlights:

  • Different bosses have different characteristics
  • Minor adjustments from your side can make you match your boss
  • And more..

Would you like to read more about the different types of bosses? Scroll down on the page of QuickCorner and study the article.

type of boss Infographic- ToolsHero

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