The value of employee engagement

This infographic describes the importance of employee engagement. The infographic was created by Torben Rick.

Why is employee engagement important for your business? It is easy to think of increased productivity as an outcome. But there is more.

Engaged employees are having more fun at work, contribute more new ideas and are feeling the urge to perform.

More positive outcomes are lower absenteeism, fewer safety incidents and higher profitability.

If an employee understands the business strategy it is more likely that the employee feels engaged.

Statistics show that engaged employees outperform disengaged employees by 20-28%. This is a huge time and money saver.

This infographic is useful for executives and HR professionals. Let this infographic inspire you to take action and increase the percentage of employee engagement.

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Employee engagement infographic highlights:

  • Employee engagement has many different positive outcomes
  • Let employees understand the business strategy
  • And more…

Would you like to read more about the value of engaged employees? Scroll down on the page of Torben Rick and study the article.

infographic employee engagement

This infographic has been published by Torben Rick.

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