Pain Pleasure Curve

The Pain Pleasure Curve is about the so-called peaks of pain and troughs of pleasure that will contribute more to a pleasant experience in the customer's mind. Dissatisfied customers will experience a certain degree of pain.
Critical Success Factors (CSF) - ToolsHero

Critical Success Factors

Critical Success Factors, or CSFs, are indicators for opportunities, activities or conditions required to achieve an objective within a project or mission.
VRIO Analysis - ToolsHero

VRIO Analysis

The VRIO Analysis is perfectly suited for the evaluation of the use of company resources. Following this technical analysis, a company will be able to better position itself relative to its competitors.
Content Marketing - ToolsHero

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is identified by the Content Marketing Institute as a strategic market approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content, with the goal to attract a clearly defined target group and retain this group with the eventual goal to convert this into profitable customer behaviour.
Business Process Mapping (BPM) - ToolsHero

Business Process Mapping (BPM)

Business Process Mapping (BPM) refers to the mapping of the steps a company takes to complete a certain process. BPM can be performed on every random process, such as purchasing raw materials, the recruitment process for new employees or the shipment of purchased products.

Conjoint Analysis (CA)

A Conjoint Analysis (CA) is a statistical method for market research. This mainly concerns measuring the relative importance of certain characteristics of a product or service.
Minto Pyramid Principle - ToolsHero

Minto Pyramid Principle

Minto Pyramid Principle, also referred to as the McKinsey's Pyramid Principle, is a tool used to process and structure large amounts of information to convey a story, message or presentation without omitting important details.
Bloom's Taxonomy - ToolsHero

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom's Taxonomy model is a classification of the various objectives that teachers or coaches may use to set goals for their students.
Town Hall Meeting - ToolsHero

Town Hall Meeting

A Town Hall Meeting is a meeting intended for everyone in the organisation, in which management reports on policy matters, and employees are given ample opportunity to respond, ask questions and enter into discussions with managers.
Burke Litwin Model of Organisational Change - ToolsHero

Burke Litwin Model of Organisational Change

The Burke Litwin Model of Organisational Change is all about defining and establishing a cause-and-effect relationship. The model assumes 12 organisational elements that determine a change within an organisation.