Zero Defects Crosby - toolshero

Zero Defects (ZD)

Zero Defects was conceived by Philip Crosby and is a large part of the Lean metodology. Applying Zero Defects means striving for perfection.
Financial planning - toolshero

Financial Planning

Financial planning is the process that helps to achieve organizational objectives, and to manage and allocate resources across the organization.
Machine learning - toolshero

Machine Learning

Machine learning is an element of artificial intelligence (AI) in which a self-learning computer selects data, analyses it and makes predictions.
Axen Rose Cuvelier - toolshero

Axen Rose

The Axen Rose is a method to observe how people behave in communication and includes different main relationships, behavioural aspects and animal totems
Corporate governance - toolshero

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance involves among other aspects the balancing of interests of all stakeholders, guiding the organization into the right course
Regression Analysis - toolshero

Regression Analysis

Regression Analysis is a comprehensive statistical method to determine relationships between dependend and or independed variables
B2B marketing - toolshero

B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing, or business to business marketing, is a marketing strategy used by organizations selling to other organisations or businesses.

Cultivation Theory by Gerbner & Gross

The Cultivation Theory examines the long-term effect of watching television on people. It proves the influences on ideas and beliefs of people.
EFE matrix & IFE matrix - toolshero

EFE / IFE matrix

The EFE matrix (Extern Factor Evaluations) en de IFE matrix (Internal Factor Evaluations) are analysis methods to evaluate the organisations' strategy.
Managerialism Theory - toolshero

Managerialism Theory

The managerialism theory is about the value professional managers add with their methods and techniques. Managerialism is associated with hierarchy