Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) - toolshero


BPMN or Business Process Modelling Notation is a universal language and is about recording and improving business processes and visualising them.
Knowledge Management (KM) - toolshero

Knowledge Management (KM)

What is Knowledge Management? Learn to use KM to streamline communications, organize information, increase efficiency to keep your business running smoothly
Hunger marketing - toolshero

Hunger Marketing

Hunger marketing is usually about offering products with bargain pricing while stock is limited, leading to increasing demand.
Risk management - toolshero

Risk Management

Risk Management deals with the identification and antipication of risks to which organizations are exposed. Read more about the different strategies
ISO standards - toolshero

ISO standards

What are ISO standards? ISO makes documents with required standards, specifications, guidelines or characteristics on which companies can then be certified.
Business Intelligence Model (BIM) - toolshero

Business Intelligence Model (BIM)

Business Intelligence Model (BIM) is a model dealing with the strategies and technologies used by organizations to analyze business information.
Leader-Member Exchange Theory (LMX) - toolshero

Leader-Member Exchange Theory (LMX)

The Leader-Member Exchange Theory (LMX) is a relationship-based theory that focuses on the dyadic relationship between leader and follower.
HACCP plan - toolshero


HACCP is a preventive system and is aimed at risk assessment for food products. The potential risks are described in a food safety plan; the HACCP plan.
ERP system / Enterprise Resource Planning - toolshero

ERP system

A ERP system is modular business software and is used to support business processes, maximising the productivity and efficiency of organisations.

Delta model

The Delta model by Wilde & Hax is a strategic framework to formulate and implement effective company strategies to the advantage of the customers.