Bonchek and Steele Thinking Styles - toolshero

Bonchek and Steele Thinking Styles

With the thinking styles of Bonchek and Steele, teams can speed up their cooperation and increase their involvement. This will ultimately lead to better performances.
Culture of discipline by jim collins - toolshero

Culture of Discipline by Jim Collins

The Culture of Discipline describes how an organisation can grow based on the combination of culture of discipline and ethic of leadership.
IBM design thinking - toolshero

IBM Design Thinking

IBM Design Thinking Model is a scalable framework that aims at big enterprises and uses three principles to solve complex problems creatively.
Anger Management - toolshero

Anger Management

Anger Management is dealing with Anger and psychologists Redford and Virginia Williams indicated that there are 12 strategies to control aggression and anger.
4C Marketing model - toolshero

4C Marketing Model

The 4C marketing model is a model that describes a company's marketing mix. This relatively new approach to marketing shifts the focus from producer and product to the consumers and their needs.
Video Marketing - toolshero

Video Marketing

Video Marketing allows for direct, realistic, and authentic interaction and connectivity with the audience. This form of content marketing is a versatile tool for marketers during the entire customer journey.
Social selling - toolshero

Social Selling

Social Selling refers to sellers using social media to interact with customers directly. Marketing teams share valuable content, sales teams answer questions and subsequently provide interested parties with thorough information, stimulating a potential purchase.
Communication Plan - toolshero

Communication Plan

A communication plan is a structured approach used to provide various stakeholders with information. The detailed communication strategy records who must receive what specific information, when this information must be supplied and which channels must be used for this purpose.
Market segmentation - toolshero

Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation is the process in which the entire market population is divided into multiple, meaningful segments based on market variables.
Direct Marketing - toolshero

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a type of marketing where marketers communicate with their customer via various media such as phone, Whatsapp, brochures, flyers and targeted online advertisements.