House of Quality - toolshero

House of Quality

House of Quality is part of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and focuses on product development based on customer requirements and executing a quality plan
Relationship marketing - toolshero

Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on customer retention and satisfaction and the long-term value of customer relationships.
Retail management - toolshero

Retail Management

Retail management covers the entire process of selling consumer goods to consumers through multiple distribution channels.

Carter’s 10 Cs of Supplier Evaluation

Carter's 10 Cs of Supplier Evaluation provides a clear focus for anyone involved in selecting or evaluating suppliers, using 10 core criteria.
Bridges Transition Model - toolshero

Bridges Transition Model

Bridges' transition model is unique and effective because it focuses on transition and not on change. The model is based on three psychic stages.
Brand Asset Valuator (BAV) - toolshero

Brand Asset Valuator (BAV)

Brand Asset Valuator (BAV) measures the strength and growth potential of brands and brand names, and the related consequences, in a four quadrant model.
BTC model - toolshero

BTC model

The BTC Model is a marketing tool that is used to strenghten the position of a brand. Learn about various variables affecting a brand.
B2C marketing - toolshero

B2C Marketing

B2C marketing is about the strategies and tactics used to promote products and services among consumers. Learn about channels and strategies
Social Exchange Theory - toolshero

Social Exchange Theory

Social Exchange Theory is a psychological theory in which social behavior is studied. Social decisions are influenced by costs and benefits.
SECI Model of Knowledge Dimensions - toolshero

SECI Model (Nonaka & Takeuchi)

The SECI Model of Knowledge Dimensions is about knowledge sharing and the knowledge conversion process that occur at all levels of organizations.