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This article provides a practical explanation of concept testing. After reading, you'll understand the basics of this powerful marketing tool.
What is Concept Testing?
Concept testing is the process of using qualitative and quantitative methods to measure the acceptance and willingness to buy before launching a new product or service. Concept testing is different from ad testing, brand testing, and packaging testing. Concept testing is aimed at the basic idea of the product.

Concept testing serves as a quality check to find out if the description of an idea and the actual product functionalities match. There are several techniques available for concept testing. Each of these consist of a group of potential consumers who assess different concepts while specifically focusing on customer needs and benefits. This group makes their assessment in the form of questionnaires, focus groups, and other ways in which consumers can share information about their ideas and needs.

Concept testing is important for lots of reasons. One motivation to implement concept testing is to further develop the original idea. In addition, the market potential of concept products is determined using concept testing, and errors are ironed out of the production process.

The instruments that are used for concept testing, such as questionnaires, must be of high quality. Measuring errors can cause unreliable results that can in turn influence the production process. That makes concept testing more challenging.
Market research is essential when trying to convert a product concept into a profitable business element. Product concept tests identify the concept's weaknesses and potential market failure before the launch. It can also reveal a products strengths that can be used to make the launch more successful.

If used well, concept testing can help to:

Measure the effectiveness of separate concepts
Remove obstacles to achieve the full potential
Build consumer relations
Identify potential failures
Improve the brand image
Reveal unknown product advantages

Types of questionnaires in Concept Testing
Questionnaires are an important part of concept testing. These surveys are adapted to the purpose they're being used for. There are different kinds of concept tests, which means different approaches. Some of the most commonly used methods are explained below.
Evaluation of a single Concept
In this form of concept testing, participants (pote...

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