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ToolsHero has already build a good name among our visitors, but there’™s more than only a professional platform to provide the visitors with the latest management content.

Involvement and completing each other brings great results

The team of ToolsHero.com consists of professionals with a lot of experience with internet start-ups, webdevelopment, online marketing, social media and publishing content. Our team knows what’™s needed to develop a complete internet platform and to improve and expand it to give our visitors a unique experience.

We continuously work on improvement of the team so that we can always provide visitors with a unique experience of the platform. The improvement and expansion of our website is our daily work. We give a lot of attention to learning new knowledge, skills and personal growth of our team members.

ToolsHero founders – Meet the team

The founders of ToolsHero are Vincent van Vliet, Otto van Vliet en Maarten van Vliet. After a few years of experience with internet start-ups we decided to combine our experience in starting ToolsHero. We all have a passion for management theories and methods and enjoy working on a worldwide platform to increase the opportunities of people. The founders are entrepreneurial personalities who continuously aim for quality in their work and delivering a top service and experience for the visitors of ToolsHero.

Vincent van Vliet

Vincent van Vliet is co-founder and responsible for the content and release management. Together with the team Vincent sets the strategy and manages the content planning, go-to-market, customer experience and corporate development aspects of the company. He has a great experience with new possibilities of improving the presentation of content and the expansion of new functions for the platform. With a dedicated attitude and a lot of enthusiasm he presents new presentation techniques and with his experience with content management software he implements new functions fast and finds continuously new services that connect with customers expectations.

Prior to ToolsHero Vincent worked at different Business Consulting companies for national and international clients. Vincent also started an internet start-up for jobs in the contact center business and is the founder of ScienceProgress. For many years Vincent also had his own webdesign company and developed many websites with associated content management software. He is a graduate (MSc.) of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam in Management Consultancy.

Favourite management model or theory: 5 times Why
Holiday destinations: Europe and Japan
Food: Sushi and pasta
Hobbies: Playing golf, gardening, fishing, aquariums and gaming
Motto: “Enjoy sharing and helping each other where possible in a honest way.”

Otto van Vliet

Otto van Vliet is the co-founder and responsible for the graphical design and social media. Together with the team Otto sets the strategy for the look & feel of the website and oversees interface design, wireframes and customer experience. He has also a great experience with social media and knows how to connect and interact with different visitors on different social media. Otto is also fast in developing and improving professional images that ensure an optimal experience for the visitors of ToolsHero. With his drive and solution focused attitude Otto is a pleasant personality that always wants to improve ToolsHero’™s platform to a better user experience.

Prior to ToolsHero Otto worked at different companies responsible for the graphical design and user experience. Otto also started an internet start-up for jobs in the transport business. Otto worked for many years as a freelancer for one of the largest hospitality companies in the Netherlands and developed many websites with always the focus on customer experience. He is a graduate (BSc.) of the Higher Education School of Rotterdam in Facility Management.

Favourite management model or theory: Communication Model
Holiday destinations: Turkey and Curaçao
Food: Pizza and pasta
Hobbies: Playing golf, tennis and movies
Motto: “Presenting with images and video gives a complete user experience.”

Maarten van Vliet

Maarten van Vliet is the co-founder and responsible for the marketing and sales. Together with the team Maarten sets the marketing strategy and oversees business planning, strategic partnerships, new promotion channels and corporate development aspects of the company. He has a great experience with marketing and sales strategies and always focuses on customer experience. Maarten is an enthusiastic and entrepreneurial personality that enjoys talking about the possibilities of ToolsHero for your daily use. He is also always looking for new opportunities for growth so that more people in the world can share and apply the theories and methods.

Prior to ToolsHero Maarten worked at the internet department of ABN AMRO in the Netherlands. Maarten also started an internet start-up for jobs at schools. MeesterBaan is now the largest website for finding jobs at schools in the Netherlands. For many years Maarten also had his own webdesign company and was responsible for the strategy and marketing. He is a graduate (MSc.) of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam in Business Administration.

Favourite management model or theory: Core quadrant by Daniel Ofman
Holiday destinations: Spain, France and Curacao
Food: Sushi and tapas
Hobbies: Field hockey, tennis, playing golf and skiing
Motto: “Helping each other and enjoy life to the fullest.”

Alexander Zeeman

Alexander Zeeman is a content manager at Toolshero. Together with the team, he contributes to the content deliverables and website optimization.

Alexander studies International Business and Management Studies at Rotterdam University. In his program, he obtains fundamental skills with the focus on marketing, operations, finance, economics, and (project) management. In collaboration with external parties, these skills are used in projects to solve various business cases and accomplish organizational goals.

In his past, he worked in several positions in the hospitality industry at various organizations. He is open-minded, likes to work with people and provides services that go beyond the expectations of consumers. He is driven by collaborating, learning, and working with people with different backgrounds.

Favorite management model or theory: Scrum Agile Methodology
Vacation destinations: Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, Indonesia
Food: Fried rice, barbeque, sushi
Hobbies: Cycling, motorsport, food
Motto: “Life is short, help others and smile every day.”

ToolsHero team

You can count on professional team members at ToolsHero. People that listen attentively to your story and know how to translate this to new functions and improvements for the website. Our team members guarantee a professional development of new functions and content for the platform.

Visitors must always be provided with interesting management content that is presented in a professional format. We keep receiving tips from our visitors to improve.

Thanks for all your support!

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