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This article explains in a practical way the Roman Room Memory Method. After reading, you will understand the basics of this powerful memory method.
What is the Roman Room Method?
The Roman Room Method is a method developed in ancient Rome and still used today for the agility of remembrance and the improvement of memory.

In ancient times, it was common for people to memorize and recite poems or political speeches for social events. This required an effective method of memorization that would succeed in remembering and enhancing memory. This is how Simonides of Ceos, a Greek poet, was called the inventor of this memorization technique as he became famous for the following anecdote

Simonides was invited to dinner at the home of a rich man called Scopas, who had commissioned him to compose a poem in his honour to liven up the evening. After listening to the poem, Scopas complained that in his verses he had named more of the heroes of mythology called Dioscuros than himself.

Having said that, he paid her half of what he had promised and asked her to go and ask the rest of the money from the aforementioned heroes. After leaving there was an earthquake, Scopas' house was destroyed and the guests died inside.

During the debris removal work, Simonides was called to identify the bodies of the dead and he managed to do so, although not because of their faces, which had been badly disfigured, but because he was able to remember the exact place where each one was sitting at the banquet.

Psychologists have debated the functioning of memory and why the stage of remembering some important event in life occurs. The place is an important point to remember and identify facts, people or objects. The place where an experience has occurred gives us details of remembrance to remember more about that specific moment.

When explaining a little about where the Roman Room Method comes from, it is necessary to know that it is also known as the loci method or the palace of memories. This method is to train and improve the memory.

It works by imagining a room, for example the bedroom or the living room. Inside the room there are objects. The technique works by associating images to the objects in order to remember information. Take a mental journey through the room, visualising the objects and associating the images.
Deepening and practicing the Roman Room Method
The ability to retain the spaces and distributions and thus bring mental associations with the im...

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