Educational platform toolshero offers global support in self-development during quarantine

toolshero offers global educational support

The coronavirus has surprised us worldwide and forced many people to stay indoors. In trying to make the best of the situation, students and professionals are finding ways to study and work from home. And as the usual day-to-day activities become less or no longer possible, the daily hustle and bustle is replaced with quiet time. This creates new opportunities. For those who want to use this valuable time to educate, develop and empower themselves, toolshero offers immediate support.

Toolshero is an educational platform that makes personal and professional development attainable for everyone by making access to knowledge easy and affordable. During quarantine, toolshero will provide our global community with free access to its online platform for a full month. This gives visitors access to 750+ practical scientific articles on a wide range of topics such as leadership, communication, creativity, marketing, psychology and personal development. These high-quality articles are enriched with templates, worksheets and images, making learning easier and faster.

More than 10 million people in over 100 countries already use the toolshero platform and with its continuous expansion, toolshero is realizing its vision of contributing to a more empowered world. “I’m very proud to be a toolshero ambassador”, says international DJ and former beauty queen Sheryl Lynn Baas. “Especially during these challenging times, I think it’s amazing that toolshero is offering global support. Ever since I competed at Miss World in 2006 and founded the Sheryl Lynn Foundation, education and empowerment have been my advocacy, so I’m excited to help spread the good news!”

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Toolshero supports people worldwide to empower themselves through an easily accessible and high- quality educational platform for personal and professional development. The goal is to provide students, professionals, scientists and interested people everywhere with the opportunity for growth by offering them educational tools for further self-development. This valuable know-how can be used in daily practices and the gained expertise of our platform users can be shared with the people around them. This is how we empower our world together.

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Note for the editors:
Contact person is toolshero ambassador Sheryl Lynn Baas
Miss Netherlands 2006 | Mrs. Globe 2013 | Founder Sheryl Lynn Foundation
E-mail: sheryl[at]

Empowering the world by making knowledge accessible and self development easy

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