Social Media Pyramid

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This article explains the Social Media Pyramid, in a practical way. After reading you will understand the basics of this powerful social media tool.

Social Media Pyramid

To apply social media in your organization, start with monitoring; define your online image. What has been written about my organization, brand, product or service? Or isn’t there much activity going on? Are you aware of what’s going on? When you are, prepare to listen.

Social media pyramid - ToolsHero

Listening is more than just monitoring your online reputation, it is about preparing to take action. One important action within the Social Media Pyramid is responding. Responding or Commenting comes in many shapes and sizes. Let the outside world know that you exist and that you take questions / complaints / discussions / etc. seriously.

Often it is required to respond, but it can also be a wise choice not to respond. And do you have the resources necessary to handle all incoming requests? Then it’s time to add value by creating. Monitoring can be defined as an N-to-1 relationship. For listening and responding you are dealing with an 1-on-1 relationship in which the sending and receiving change positions (listening: organization is recipient, responding: organization is sender).

When you are creating you get a 1-to-N relationship. See table below.

Action Rel.ship Role organisation Role target group Organisation attitude
1 Monitoring N-to-1 Recipient Sender Passive
2 Listening 1-to-1 Recipient Sender Preparing
3 Commenting 1-to-1 Sender Recipient Active
4 Creating 1-to-N Sender Recipient Pro-active






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