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Communication Skills

Communication skills: this short article explains communication skills in a practical way. Next to what it is, this article also highlights the importance, the various Types and how to how to improve these. Enjoy reading!

Communication skills: this short article explains communication skills in a practical way. Next to what it is, this article also highlights the importance, the various Types and how to how to improve these. Enjoy reading!

What are communication skills?


Communication skills enable individuals to understand others and to be understood themselves. A variety of aspects are important in the context of these skills, such as listening, speaking, observing and empathy.

In everyday life, these skills are required to communicate ideas to others, develop a confident attitude, respect for others and public speaking. Developing communication skills helps many people make progress in the workplace.


Effective communication is essential for both employer and employee. The success of making a point clear, for example, can be the difference between making a deal and missing out on a good deal.

A specific communication skill can assist in communicating an idea clearly. It is also crucial that company policy is carefully explained to customers and employees and that everyone within the organisation is on the same wavelength. To this end, it is essential that everyone has developed a certain level of these skills.

Different types of communications, skills and environmental aspects can be beneficial for a business. A healthy communication climate also improves morale and efficiency in general. Various methods are used to promote this climate within organisations, such as: Communication Strategy Framework (CSF), communication plans, dialogue mapping and the 7Cs or communication model.

Various Types of communication skills

There are different types and methods that can be used in a person’s professional life. As with many skills, it is important that communication is actively practised. A well-known concept in communication studies is active listening. We are also familiar with different types of listening, such as empathic listening, appreciative listening and analytical listening.

Listening is an often underestimated skill. Your overall skillset and the impression you leave on others can drastically improve by developing the appropriate listening skills.

Different styles or types of communication are required depending on a person’s situation. In the articles on communication skills, learn when and where to use a certain communication style. This will for example assist you in closing that promising business deal or leaving a good impression on a potential business partner. You might discover that ease of understanding others is just as important as communicating your own ideas.

Another important element in communication is giving and receiving feedback. This is also the part of listening that allows a person to improve his or her skills. Being proficient in communication can help you to be open-minded and incorporate feedback in your work. Communication skills can assist you in making sense of the feedback you receive.

Additionally, these skills can empower you to give constructive feedback to others.

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How to improve communication skills

There are some specific steps that can be taken to improve these skills. Some of these techniques are listed below.

  1. Listening. Real listening is often limited by people being too quick to form a response
  2. Adjust the communication style according to the listener
  3. Pay attention to body language
  4. Monitor what is being transmitted or verbalised
  5. Keep a positive attitude and smile

More information about techniques to improve your communication skills can be found in the Toolshero articles related to these skills.

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