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Competencies, the definition

Competencies, the definition

Competencies are closely related to skills. Competencies are the demonstrable characteristics and qualities that enable and improve the performance or efficiency of a job or process. The term is therefore often associated with performance improvement.

Some experts see competence as a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge, behaviour, values and cognitive skills used to improve performance. Some examples of management competencies are systems thinking, emotional intelligence, and negotiation skills.

Business competencies are indispensable in business and are the basis for success. Without these competencies, owners cannot possibly start their business and grow it into a successful organization.

Different requirements or required competencies have been drawn up for different positions. It is for this reason that company recruiters use candidates’ competencies as benchmarks against which candidates are judged.

When talking about core competencies, it often refers to the resources and capabilities that together make up the strategic advantage of an organization. Modern management science says that a successful organization must define, cultivate and exploit its core competencies in order to win against the competition.

Competency management is an HR practice performed by many successful organizations. By monitoring, training and deploying competencies in the right place in the company, the intrinsic value of the employees is maximized. This includes the Competency Framework, the 9-Box Grid Model and the Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition.

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Competencies tips and tricks

What are the most important competencies for the position for which I am applying? How do I know which competencies I still need to develop? Which competencies will make my job easier? The articles linked to competencies are about the different methods, resources and theories that are available to gain insight into your personal competences.

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