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learning styles

VAK Learning Styles

August 20th, 2023

VAK Learning Styles: this article describes the VAK Learning Styles in a practical way. It covers what the VAK Learning Styles are, provides practical examples and offers tips for integrating each learning style into a learning environment. After reading you…

Train the Trainer

July 26th, 2023

Train the Trainer: this article provides an explanation of the concept Train the Trainer. After reading this, you’ll have a better understanding of this concept. This is a model that’s used to train potential instructors or less experienced instructors…

Metacognition explained

May 30th, 2023

Metacognition: this article explains Metacognition in a practical way. After reading, you’ll understand the basics of this powerful psychological tool and human thinking method. This article contains a general definition of the concept, as well as examples, strategies and tips.…

Gagné’s Conditions of Learning

March 9th, 2022

Gagné’s Conditions of Learning: this article provides a practical explanation of Gagné’s Conditions of Learning. After reading, you’ll have a basic understanding of this powerful effectiveness tool. What are Gagné’s Conditions of Learning? Gagné’s Conditions of Learning is…

4MAT Learning Styles Model

March 8th, 2022

4MAT Learning Styles Model: this article explains the 4MAT Learning Styles Model in a practical way. After reading this article, you’ll understand the basics of this powerful learning tool. What is the 4MAT Learning Styles Model? The 4MAT Learning Styles…
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