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Memory Method

Memory Method: this short article explains Memory Method in a practical way. Next to what it is, this article also highlights various methods and memory techniques. Enjoy reading!

Memory Method: this short article explains Memory Method in a practical way. Next to what it is, this article also highlights various methods and memory techniques. Enjoy reading!

What is a Memory Method

A memory method or tool can help you remember important information. Several mnemonics have been developed. You can start using these right away, or find your own way of remembering the important information.

An example of a widely used and taught memory method is the use of rhyme, rhythm and abbreviations. This can help with recalling spelling, topography and many other types of information.

Four aspects of a memory method

Every memory method has one or more of the following aspects: images, senses, emotions and patterns. These four aspects are ways of presenting information which are easy to recall. The brain picks up information that is connected to these four aspects more easily.

Images are more memorable when compared to words or text. Distinct smells sounds and tastes are recorded in the brain and can be paired with a strong memory.

A combination of these senses can be even more effective. Connecting an emotion to information is most effectively done by making it funny. Patterns such as acronyms can also be useful.

Three categories of memory techniques

There are three categories a memory method can belong to. These are image clues, storytelling and spatial systems.

These are based on the principles of imagination, association and location respectively.

Image clues using imagination

Image clues are widely used in everyday life. It can be as simple as the logo of a brand. Images and icons are convenient reminders that trigger the brain to think about complex ideas. Images can also be used to trigger further imagination by the brain, creating a personal memory method.

The strength of a memorable story

Storytelling strategies efficiently use the memorability of a good story. It is a fact that good and well-told stories are memorable. Storytelling is a memory method ideal for remembering a long string of structured information. You can connect individual image clues to one another. This helps you remember the information and flow of a presentation.

A spatial system or journey memory method

A memory method that uses a spatial system expands on image clues and storytelling. The space used in such a memory method is usually a familiar journey, such as a walk or the layout of a building.

You decorate this familiar space with image clues that help you remember key information. By connecting them in a spatial way, it will be easier to remember details as well. This memory space you created will stay decorated. Once you need information, you can walk through the space and remember details based on the image clues you left.

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The method of loci

Most mnemonics that use a spatial system are very effective. A memory method that is a good example of this, is the method of loci. This memory method is also called the memory palace, among other names.

It was first discussed in ancient Roman and Greek texts on rhetoric. Many memory champions use this memory journey to commit details and information to long-term memory. Travelling this memory journey again can help them recall all stored information.

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