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Product Marketing

Product marketing is a marketing function that bridges a gap between product management and marketing communications.

Product marketing is a marketing function that bridges a gap between product management and marketing communications.

It is concerned with marketing products. It is therefore different from product management, which mainly deals with the basic principles of product development.

What is product marketing focused on?

Product marketing includes product positioning and product messaging. The main goal is to ensure that customers and sellers understand a product during and after the launch of the product. It aims to stimulate demand for a product.

Conventional or traditional marketing aims to promote a company or brand as a whole, including the products or services it offers. Marketers who engage in this form of marketing ensure that there is a consistent message behind all content and communication of a company.


An example of a company that is strong in product marketing is VW. In the 1950s, the brand started selling the immensely popular VW bus. The bus is now seen as a classic in the car world, but the bus is making a comeback.

VW recently announced their new and electric VW bus, the ID.Buzz. The marketing around the car is striking, unique and hip. An approach that fits with the hippie atmosphere that surrounds the earlier VW buses.


Product marketing is a critical part of a company’s marketing strategy. Without effective product marketing, the value of your product or service will remain underexposed and may not reach its maximum potential with the target audience.

Better understanding of the customer

Developing and optimizing a product marketing strategy helps to understand the value of a product or service in the consumer’s life. This helps to better estimate the demand for a product or service.

Making target audience more effective

In addition to understanding the customer in general, establishing a product marketing strategy also helps develop target buyer personas.

This is a type of customer that you will be targeting in the future. If you know the needs of a target group, then the product can be further developed so that it fits seamlessly with the needs of the customer.

Learning about competitors

When marketing products or services, the strategy and results can be compared with those of the competitor.

This provides insights into important questions, such as: what benefits do their products or services have? What does their product offer that our product does not?

Positioning correctly

Within the product marketing strategy it is important that a product, the brand image and the tone of the communication are consistent. Brainstorming about brand positioning can help with this.

Think about the following questions:

  • Is this product or service suitable for the market?
  • How does this product differ from our competitors?
  • Is there a way to further differentiate this product from our competitors’ products?

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Tips & tricks

The articles linked to the product marketing tag deal with theories, models and methods that can be used in developing and optimizing a product marketing strategy. Are there any methods or models that are missing? Leave a comment under an article or send an email.

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