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Project Collaboration

Project collaboration: this short article explains project collaboration in a practical way. Besides what it is, this article also highlights why it’s important, useful tools, tricks and tips. Have fun reading!

Project collaboration: this short article explains project collaboration in a practical way. Besides what it is, this article also highlights why it’s important, useful tools, tricks and tips. Have fun reading!

What is project collaboration?

Collaboration in projects, or project collaboration, is the practice of the interaction of teams and team leaders in projects where planning, coordination, control and monitoring are central. This collaborative process sometimes works across the board of a department or organization and becomes more important as projects become more complex.

Project collaboration is becoming increasingly important as employees increasingly work remotely or in remote teams and move data to the cloud or online environment. What does project collaboration actually mean?

Collaboration in a simple sense means as much as working together towards a common goal. This is also the case in a project sense. The complexity of projects and organizational structures can hinder effective project collaboration. That must be prevented. And the best practices mentioned under the tag project collaboration are suitable for that.

Why is project collaboration important?

Project collaboration in project management is crucial. Traditional project management is a process in which a project manager and his project team carry out a project over a period of time. Project planning is central to this process.

As a manager, the goal should be to facilitate collaboration between team members, because this is good for the project and benefits the results. The manager is the person who largely manages decision making.

Often they use supporting methods, such as project management software. This software is often equipped with useful tools such as task management, tools to share files, and team collaboration and communication features.

Other project collaboration tools

Project collaboration tools therefore have an important function in the efficient execution of a project. Sometimes these are housed in one software package, sometimes different techniques are used side by side.


An example of this is the Kanban board. Kanban is a task management tool that enables collaboration by visualizing the workflow. The tool divides the project cycle into clear columns and clearly shows where the project stands in relation to the project schedule.

Gantt chart for planning and progression

One of the project management tools that is often used is the Gantt chart. These diagrams are the foundation of traditional project management and come in many shapes and sizes. Project managers use the tool to organize project tasks and determine dependencies. Milestones are also tracked in the Gantt chart.

In general, using project collaboration support tools has the following benefits on team performance:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved troubleshooting
  • Stimulates project communication
  • Easy to use for teams and team members who work remotely or in different time zones
  • Stimulates team building

Tips for improving project collaboration

Collaboration does not happen automatically. For teams to work well and have a group of people align and work towards a common goal, guidance and experience are needed. There are ways to learn how to work well together and execute a successful project.

1. Team building

A well-known method is team building. Team building is mainly intended to accelerate bonding between group members. This makes it easier for them to approach each other and they know what each member is good at. Examples of team building activities are dinners, games or practicing sports together.

2. Focus on communication

A second tip is to focus on efficient communication. Communication is the line that holds a partnership together. It is important that a way is set up as soon as possible to quickly distribute information to everyone.

3. Resources

Resources are needed to work effectively as a team. Through proper resource management make sure your team is equipped with everything they need. Think of office supplies, tools such as Kanban boards, task lists, etc.

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Tips and tricks

The articles linked to the tag project collaboration are about the different theories, methods and best practices to work together as successfully as possible in a project context. Are you looking for an article or template on another subject related to collaborative project management? Leave a comment under an article or send an email

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