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quality management principles

Total Quality Management (TQM)

October 18th, 2023

Total Quality Management: this article explains Total Quality Management (TQM) in a practical way. It defines TQM, as well as explains its principles. It also offers a practical approach on TQM. After reading this article, you will understand the basics…

Six Sigma methodology explained

August 20th, 2023

Six Sigma Methodology: this article explains Six Sigma Methodology in a practical way. Next to what it is (definition and origin), this article also highlights this methodology as an quality framework, the similarities with Gemba Kaizen and the practice of…

House of Quality (HOQ) explained

June 24th, 2023

House of Quality (HOQ): this article provides a practical explanation of the concept of House of Quality (HOQ), developed by Yoji Akao and Shigeru Mizuno. This article contains a general definition of this concept, its elements, processes. You will…

Armand Feigenbaum biography, quotes and books

May 16th, 2023

Armand Feigenbaum (Armand V. Feigenbaum; 6 April 1922, 10 November 2014) was an American quality expert, businessman, and philanthropist who introduced the concept Total Quality Control what eventually led to Total Quality Management (TQM). He additionally authored the…
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