ToolsHero offers a very wide range of various tests in the areas of behavior, intelligence, motivation, skills and more.

Well-known professional tests

Some known examples of our available online assessments are the mbti test / myers briggs test, personality test, Big Five and the Belbin test. These professional tests and assessments can help you with your personal development, career choice or other desired insights about yourself, an individual or group.

Test suppliers

These are all relevant professional tests for HR and Management that are delivered online by various test suppliers such as Cubiks, PAPI 3, HRM Force and PiCompany via our ToolsHero platform.

Advice and support

Independent advice on the use of suitable questionnaires including personality, behavior, intelligence and motivation is also possible after ordering a specific test. Our partner HRM Force is happy to help you with this.

Career Scan

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Career Scan
Career Scan

The Career Scan can be used when the candidate wants to gain insight if a current job matches with his or her personality, competencies and values or whether another job or career might fit better. The Career Scan looks for three levels of relevant input needed to select the appropriate development activities, to prepare for an appraisal meeting or for making a more than educated guess with respect to training or education. Use of the Career Scan is particularly sensible for personal reorientation with regards to current and future job activities or outplacement in the event of forced exit procedures.
The Career Scan provides an overview of the candidates’ most preferred career values, his or her set of personality traits and the level to which extent he or she possesses or lacks relevant competencies. The outcome of this analysis provides a well balanced advice on the type of job areas that fit most or least. The report also indicates potential, both in terms of managerial skills as well as professional growth. The information will be presented in a clear and graphic overview by means of simple and short textual references in highlighted boxes.