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Connector Ability

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Connector Ability
Connector Ability

The Connector Ability is a new, unique ability test that measures the G-factor – the “General” intelligence factor. The Connector Ability is unique in that the test is free from culture bias; it is adaptive and available online 24×7. It can therefore be used for a quick and efficient assessment of candidates’ general intelligence level. The Connector Ability test can be used for job functions at three different levels: Masters-, Bachelors- and Community College level and are rewarded a 4TP certification from Cito. Besides these features, the Connector Ability can also be taken at home. If the test is taken at home, our Connector Ability Validator can be used. This means you can validate the results of the Connector Ability test by means of a very short subsequent test in a designated place, under supervision. Cognitive ability tests are proven to be the most effective predictors of success in the work context. The Connector Ability does this reliably, quickly and efficiently.
The adaptive nature of the test means that the level of each question depends on the answer to the previous question. A specific assessment of the candidate’s level is made, making it very efficient in terms of time and every candidate is presented with a unique set of questions. This test is taken online and the results are immediately available. This means the test can be administered at different locations and times, for a most efficient selection procedure, in which different candidates from anywhere in the world can be compared.
The test provides a measurement of a candidate’s level of general intelligence without a prior need to determine the candidate’s level of education, which is only important for international comparisons due to the fact that diplomas are not always comparable. Afterwards, the score can be compared with a number of internationally standardized norm-referenced groups. The test results are well organized and are represented in a graphic summary on one page in such a way that it can be interpreted immediately.