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Some known examples of our available online assessments are the mbti test / myers briggs test, personality test, Big Five and the Belbin test. These professional tests and assessments can help you with your personal development, career choice or other desired insights about yourself, an individual or group.

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These are all relevant professional tests for HR and Management that are delivered online by various test suppliers such as Cubiks, PAPI 3, HRM Force and PiCompany via our ToolsHero platform.

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Independent advice on the use of suitable questionnaires including personality, behavior, intelligence and motivation is also possible after ordering a specific test. Our partner HRM Force is happy to help you with this.

Detector Ability

€ 50,00

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Detector Ability
Detector Ability

The Detector Ability is a new, unique preselection intelligence test. The test measures how quick and easy you solve certain tasks. Intelligence predicts the easiness and speediness in solving new problems and getting to grips with new information. It gives a clear indication on how people will deal with problems in professional circumstances. The Detector Ability preselects candidates living up to cognitive levels required for the job and are therefore eligible to proceed to the next level in any given selection procedure.
The Detector Ability is composed of four sets : Spatial elements, Matrixes, Mathematical elements and Diagrammes. Each set is presided by throrough explanation and practice questions, both excluding any time limit. Once the candidate is ready, the real questionnaire wil start. This procedure is repeated with each new set untill all four have been completed.
The Detector Ability is truly unique as it is considered free from cultural bias & language barriers, adaptive and available 24×7 online. The Detector Ability is therefore effective for measuring general intelligence indications quickly and efficiently, ideal for preselection procedures. For a full and complete analysis, we refere to the Connector Ability.