ToolsHero offers a very wide range of various tests in the areas of behavior, intelligence, motivation, skills and more.

Well-known professional tests

Some known examples of our available online assessments are the mbti test / myers briggs test, personality test, Big Five and the Belbin test. These professional tests and assessments can help you with your personal development, career choice or other desired insights about yourself, an individual or group.

Test suppliers

These are all relevant professional tests for HR and Management that are delivered online by various test suppliers such as Cubiks, PAPI 3, HRM Force and PiCompany via our ToolsHero platform.

Advice and support

Independent advice on the use of suitable questionnaires including personality, behavior, intelligence and motivation is also possible after ordering a specific test. Our partner HRM Force is happy to help you with this.

Detector Career Values

€ 50,00

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Detector Career Values
Detector Career Values

Detector Career Values gives a sneak preview of career values during preselection procedures. It shows what someone typically finds important and joyful.
Detector Career Values detects eight different aspects:
• Dedication
• Security
• Management
• Challenge
• Independence
• Expertise
• Entrepreneurial skills
• Work versus private matters
Detector Career Values gives a clear and directly interpretable view on the most (ranked in the top) and least (ranked at the bottom) important values.
Detector Career Values is an online questionnaire with direct access. It can therefore be used at any time and any place, so the questionnaire is particularly suitable for situations that require speedy decisions.