ToolsHero offers a very wide range of various tests in the areas of behavior, intelligence, motivation, skills and more.

Well-known professional tests

Some known examples of our available online assessments are the mbti test / myers briggs test, personality test, Big Five and the Belbin test. These professional tests and assessments can help you with your personal development, career choice or other desired insights about yourself, an individual or group.

Test suppliers

These are all relevant professional tests for HR and Management that are delivered online by various test suppliers such as Cubiks, PAPI 3, HRM Force and PiCompany via our ToolsHero platform.

Advice and support

Independent advice on the use of suitable questionnaires including personality, behavior, intelligence and motivation is also possible after ordering a specific test. Our partner HRM Force is happy to help you with this.

Reflector 360

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Reflector 360
Reflector 360

To gain insight into their own capabilities, employees should be able to systematically evaluate their own competencies. But that is just one possible perspective. For a more balanced view, it is equally important to get the various individuals in the employees’ environment involved in the assessment – for example, supervisors, colleagues, employees and customers. The similarities and differences between the various perspectives – also known as 360-degree feedback – offer valuable starting points for discussions about the deployment and development of competencies.
The Reflector 360 provides input that can be used to select the correct personal development activities, to prepare for a performance interview or a career development session. In addition to that, the Reflector 360 can be used for an entire group or a team to see which competencies the group or team collectively masters, or which ones could be improved.
The Reflector 360 provides an overview of the differences between the respondent’s self-appraisal and how others in the immediate environment appraise the respondent: this includes an average across all the respondents as well as division into different groups in the immediate environment. This overview represents the competencies selected by the user and it includes the accompanying specific behavioural indicators. A special version for students is also available.
The report is represented in a well-organized graphic overview with brief and succinct explanatory texts.