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Reflector Big Five Leadership

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Reflector Big Five Leadership
Reflector Big Five Leadership

Which leadership roles fit and which ones do not? How much energy does it cost for one to grow in a certain role? Which personality traits lay at the foundation of a leadership profile? The Reflector Big Five Leadership helps to find the answers. The Reflector Big Five Leadership shows the amount of talent one has to develop and sustain behaviour connected to specific leadership roles. It also shows to which extent one is suited for a managerial or executive position.

Personality as the basis for success
Whether someone is capable showing specific leadership skills successfully, highly depends on his/her personality. The better personality traits fit a leadership role, the easier it will be for this person to show behaviour required for this particular role. The Reflector Big Five Leadership is based on the worldwide highly regarded Reflector Big Five Personality. This instrument is therefore effective, trustworthy, reliable and predictive.

Eight leadership roles
The Reflector Big Five Leadership distinguishes eight leadership roles, based on the well-known and proven principles of Quinn:
• Innovator
Generating new ideas is typical for the Innovator. Key word is “innovation.”
• Networker
The Networker represents the department/organisation towards the outside world and actively maintains a large network. Keyword is “possibilities”.
• Producer
The Producer is hands-on active. This leader proceeds quickly and energetically, with focus on clear tasks and concrete results. Keyword is “result”.
• Director
Typical for a director is the focus on targets and making roadmaps. Keyword of this leader is “direction”.
• Co-ordinator
A Co-ordinator plans and brings structure, delegates tasks & means, checking progress. Keywords are “taking care”.

• Monitor
A Monitor leader analyses carefully, registers and reports. The keyword is “information”.
• Teambuilder
The Teambuilder puts up frames for collaboration and focuses on group processes. The keyword is “cooperation”.
• Coach
A Coach focuses on coaching, supervising and development of co-workers.
The keyword is “counselling”.

Clear reports
Reflector Big Five Leadership can be taken online. The participant receives an e-mail including a link to the questionnaire. Upon completion, the report will be submitted immediately online to the test taker. Reports cover two parts: the part that compares the test taker’s leadership roles with a special norm group consisting of managers and executives only and the part reveiling the underlying personality traits that will show to which extent certain roles are to be developed (ranging from very difficult to very easy).