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CamCoach Management Skills

€ 55,00

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CamCoach Management Skills
CamCoach Management Skills

Candidates are presented with a host of situations, representative of difficulties and challenges they most likely will encounter in the course of their jobs. In these filmed situations, an actor speaks to them directly. After having seen the film, candidates can immediately respond to the situations, this response is recorded by a webcam. A brief description and example of what kind of reaction was favourable for the particular situation is shown, as well as indicators of a favourable reaction. In this way, trainees can compare their own reaction to the favourable one, which gives them immediate feedback as to how they performed. New recordings can be made, until the candidate is satisfied with his or her reaction.
Currently, a version exists for sales skills. In our opinion, the tool will be useful for other skills, such as leadership skills and general social competencies in a work environment as well.

 Opportunities offered by this method are:

Candidates can take the training individually, without supervision. The means the method is very flexible: candidates can complete it at a place and time of their choosing.
The CamCoach can be offered as an option in a development program in which trainees can compose their own program.
The CamCoach can be used as preparation to a training program. By assigning trainees the CamCoach before starting training, a basic skills level can be achieved. Candidates can more easily identify learning points when they have already had to deal with practice situations.
It can be used as part of a training.  Advantages compared to traditional role-play situations are that everyone will have a chance to participate in every situation.  After this, an actual role-play could take place. A larger learning effect can be achieved in this case, since candidates will be less bothered by cold feet. It can be used as part of an individual coaching programme. The CamCoach offers an opportunity to prepare for an assessment.